Aussel 7 Inch Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Comb

Aussel Pet Grooming Tools-Stainless Steel dog Comb BrushTwo kinds of spacing of teeth,Two ways to use,more convenient and Practical!


Material:stainless steel
Measure:7.5*1.5 inch
Different spacing of teeth of the comb provide a perfect grooming.Wide teeth can comb pet hair(Especially for the feet hair) and Narrow teeth can remove the tangles and mats from pets to make the pet hair more smooth.

How to maintain:

Do not use hot water to disinfect
Do not exposure to gasoline, thinner, alcohol etc.
Should be avoided glistening wet environment. Promptly clean and safekeeping after using

Product Features

  • Material:stainless steel,high quality material
  • Versatile comb is a essential comb that can keep your pet clean and healthy by removing tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt.
  • Different spacing with the comb teeth can provide a perfect grooming.
  • Special esay-grip design makes the pet grooming is a easier and more confortable thing
  • Measures:7.5*1.5 inch

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2 Responses to Aussel 7 Inch Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Comb

  1. MSear says:

    Was better than expected and suitable for purpose I’m impressed with the quality of these scissors. I bought just the thinning shears as they were all that I needed. They thin the hair nicely, and leave natural looking edges to the fur which look lovely. I bought the multicoloured scissors so that it would stand out against my dogs black hair. The colour is nice and the picture shows the colour accurately. There is a rubber stopper between the handles which stops noise and scratching when they are being used. I found the scissors comfortable…

  2. Sister Sarah says:

    Beware of your requirements!!! Was better than expected and suitable for purpose. After trying other types of scissors/combs that were no good I bought this set. I prefer to keep my Bichon Havanese long haired but allow him to still be a dog. Therefore he needs daily grooming, the occasional trim etc for hygiene purposes. The curved scissors are perfect to trim around his feet, the thinning shears are great to deal with any tangles or matting and the comb was a bonus as it is brilliant even for my pup’s fine, silky hair…