AmazonBasics Dog-Waste Bags with Dispenser and Lead Clip

Product Features

  • 300 black dog-waste bags and dispenser with lead clip
  • Each bag measures 9 inches (22.9 cm) wide by 13 inches (33.08) long
  • Leak-proof bags for safe, sanitary handling; arrows point to the bag opening for quick access
  • 15 bags per roll (20 total rolls); the bags are thicker than standard 20-bag-per-roll designs
  • Rolls fit standard-size lead dispensers and quickly pull out

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2 Responses to AmazonBasics Dog-Waste Bags with Dispenser and Lead Clip

  1. MartinRG says:

    Great neat poo bag solution This is one of those products where you at first wonder if it is needed (since you can just stuff a couple of bags in your pocket) and then you wonder why nobody has thought of it before – I’m still slightly torn between it being a genius idea and overkill but having am leaning towards the former.The poo bags are nicely packed and, whilst they take up a bit more space than having 300 bags flat packed, are easy to store. They fit neatly in to the dispenser and then, like a box of…

  2. tone1428 says:

    Poo poo pe doo! As my youngest son has just bought what must be one of the cutest puppies ever (Its a Frug which is a cross between a French bulldog and a Pug..other puppies are available!) I ordered these thinking (quiet wrongly as it happens) that it was a new idea on the market and would be very handy for him.Turned out that he already had one! But as you can never have enough of a good thing,I insisted that he try these particular poo bags out.As the puppy isn’t yet allowed out on the streets for walkies…