Allen & Page Layers Pellets – 20 Kg

Allen Page Natural Free Range Layers Pellets is a great tried and trusted feed, providing a complete, nutritionally balanced diet. Natural Free Range Layers Pellets have added Omega 3 oils for healthy birds and wonderful eggs and contains grass, maize and marigold petals to promote a naturally golden yolk colour. Free Range Layers Pellets are boosted with vitamins and minerals to provide everything your hens need for optimum health all year round.
Small pellet size – suitable for bantams.
Feed all year round, on a free access basis. On average, hens will eat 100-150g (4oz) per day. As the hen’s crop can only hold about 100g it is best to give grain or mixed corn separately, later in the day, or she will be unable to eat sufficient pellets or meal.
Oil 4% Protein 16% Fibre 4%

Product Features

  • Complete feed for free range hens
  • Provide all the vitamins, minerals and natural ingredient
  • Includes omega 3 oils for healthier birds and eggs
  • Meal may be fed wet or dry depending on preference
  • Free from artificial york pigmenter

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3 Responses to Allen & Page Layers Pellets – 20 Kg

  1. Polly Potter says:

    Good product, happy hens! I have kept pet hens for over 6 years now, and keep coming back to this feed. I mix it with mixed corn, and they also get veg scraps boiled up, plus dried mealworms as a treat. Plus the odd portion of leftover pasta or rice. (Actually, it’s worth making a bit of extra spaghetti, as watching them “fight” the delicious “worms” is hilarious!). They are allowed to range in the orchard, but not in the herbaceous borders …. I learned my lesson very quickly! They do quite well on…

  2. margesimpson says:

    not recommended in my opinion